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Today is our sixth wedding anniversary.  My husband informed me that he planned to take me out for it last night.  I  will admit I was a bit excited at the thought of going  as I have been begging for the attention for quite a while now.  Given the current situation, I did ask what he planned for us to do with the children for the evening.  He told me it was taken care of. 

Six o’clock rolled around and he let me know it was about time to head out.  Again I asked about the children and then he let me know that he planned to take them to a drop in center he’s checked out so that we can go have dinner.  Then we were off to the jewelry store to purchase new wedding bands as neither of us are able to wear ours, (my sister in law’s idea).  I did the math and I lost it.  Due to his inablility to do what has to be done, I cannot even enjoy the first wedding anniversary that we have been physically in the same state.  It’s like that carrot of the life I had was dangled teasingly in front of me to remind me of what I am losing.  Man that hurt!  I suppose he didn’t really think about it as he planned to charge everything and pay for it later.  “With what?”  I cried.  “I don’t want to be wearing the baby’s next can of formula on my finger!”  He just doesn’t get it.  He doesn’t understand the magnitude of responsiblity resting on his shoulders.  He hasn’t looked at the children and realized that they need safety and security.  When the elephant drops, I think he will still be standing there, credit card in hand, saying “My 65 inch DLP television was in there.  Can I put a replacement on my card?”   Happy flipping anniversary to you, too!