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Missing Cat

cooltext69051085.gifOur cat is missing and it’s killing me.  He’s had such a difficult life and this is a horrid ending to it.  We adopted him from an animal shelter after he’d been dumped into a vat of tar.  He survived and was a loving cat.  He started losing weight, and eventually, we found that he was unable to digest the hard food we’d been feeding him.  He’s been improving and even let me comb and cut out his matted fur. 

While a friend was visiting, she left the back door open, and he ran out.  I thought for certain he would return as our other cat does.  My friend saw him out at 4:30am, so I traipsed through the alleyway with a flashlight in search of him to no avail.  My daughter looked for him yesterday but never had any success. 

I contacted the local animal control via email.  Today I received a response letting me know that he’d been seen.  When I called animal control, the director informed me that the man who found my cat was quite perturbed and was complaining because the cat was disorented and running into the fence.  This broke my heart. 

We’ve searched the neighborhood and put up signs, but no one has called.  I just wish that I knew if he was okay.  I wish I knew if someone has taken him in.  I wish that it hadn’t rained and turned cold leaving a defensless and ill cat to fend for himself.  I wish I just had some answers.  Instead, I have to sit here knowing that he is in bad shape and an evil person didn’t even stop to help him.  Will anyone help him or is it too late?  Will I ever know?  How can anyone treat an injured animal with such disdain?  How can anyone be so heartless and cold? I cannot remove the image of him injured and asking for help and being turned away from my mind.  He’s just a baby….