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Halloween Disappointment

Whatever happened to Halloween?  I remember the excitement that built from seeing decorations on every house and knowing the fun of the night to come.  I remember walking down the streets for hours, escorted by a parent or two, and visiting every single house.  It was odd to find a house that did not have on a porch light and welcome signs for visitors.  These days that oddity seems to be the norm.  My children visited every house on the street which equals about twenty, and only five houses had someone lights on and the welcome mat out.  Have we all become scrooges or is this just another casualty of the interconnection of today’s society?  No longer are children allowed to wear costumes to school and many churches discourage the wearing of costumes to Halloween Festivities.  One church here even respelled Halloween “Halo-ween” in order to convey a different meaning for the holiday.  Why can we not continue the wonderful, community building tradition of Halloween?  Neighborhood children would gather to share in the festivities, but now there are no festivities to be found.  At least not the festivites as I remember them. 

My last comment is this:  If the local school district participates in a Christmas party, we will have issues.  No Halloween= No holidays.  Period.