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The ABC’s of Me Day Two

strangle-cartoon.jpg (this cartoon can be found at ).

 Well this could get quite a) boring, b) interesting c)insane and thought provoking.   hmmmmm……   This round is based on my second bad experience on ebay.

A.  Antonio.  The first name of the swindler.

B.  Bastard.  The name by which I choose to refer to “him”.

C.  Callous.  What people who cheat others for a living are.

D.  Dasterdly.  My opinion of fraudulent folk.

E.  Extra small.  The size of noose I need for the bastard.

F.  Fancy.  The type of home he has.  It sits on the lake with a private dock and boathouse.  Put all of the peices together and you can see it for yourself on ariel photos through Google.

G.  Great fun.  What I am going to have at his expense. 

H.  Hell.  Where he’s headed.  I suppose I’ll probably see him there…..

I.  Illinois.  the state in which he resides.

J.  Justice.  What I seek and will never get, unfortunately.

K. Kharma.  I have no patience for it and it will probably kick me in the ass as well.

L.  Lake Villa.  The bastard’s home town.

M.  38536 Munn Rd.  His address.  Also, Mieszanek.  The bastard’s legal last name.  I prefer to call him “The Bastard”.

N.  Nasty.  How I get when I am pissed off.

O.   Obvious.  What the bastard’s scam wasn’t.

P.  Pathetic.  How I feel for getting so upset over this.

Q.  Quietly.  How I wish this could be handled.

R.  Rancid.  The kind of meat I’d like to leave on his doorstep.

S.  Sane.  oh yes, yes I am.  Just a little pissed off right now.

T.  Ticks.  I would like to cover his lawn in them, as long as he has no pets.

U.  Uvula.  I’d remove it so he can’t scream well…

V.  Vindictive.  Yes.  I am.

W.  Whack job.  What anyone who reads this will think I am.  I am not.  I am.  I am NOT!

X.  X.  The unknown variable.  MUAHHAHHHAH!!

Y.  Yard.  His.  Where I would bury the body.

Z.  Zero.  The amount of respect that I have for the bastard.

So, anyone who knows me knows that I would never actually hurt this person physically because it is simply not in my nature.  However, it is nice to be able to fantasize about it and quite theraputic to share.  I feel better now.