Monthly Archives: August 2008

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes,I return to continue the saga that is my life. If only I could tell all, but alas, some things are better kept to oneself.

All in one week I found out that a baby I knew died from being left in a hot car, a husband I trusted, (not mine), is going to prison for sexual misconduct with his step-daughter, and a family friend will be attending prison with him for sexual misconduct with students (note the plural). Oh the surprises this summer has wrought.

Yet, all is not lost. For John Edwards has been honest, although the relevancy I fail to comprehend. Who cares if he had sex with another consenting adult? As Miss Harley Quinn once said, what ever happened to the days when a stranger was seen bawling at a funeral? Is sex really all that important? Sure, it’s a great moment, but since when did it need to be life altering? Who cares? I sure don’t. It has not impact on my perception of anyone.

On the positive front, I am working in accounting and loving it. How odd? The girl who could never grasp algebra or trig is actuallt capable of making numbers match up as they should. It is truly a gift from the universe. The down side is working for my father in law, whom I love dearly, yet I find it difficult to seperate that from my failing marriage. Oh what to do, what to do. Perhaps the flamingos have it right: I think I will stick my head in the water and hunt for fish. Seems much more appetizing these days.
Love to all who wondered where I’ve been. Hunting fish, I tell you. Hunting fish.