Life Lessons

Just when I think my life is in the can, along comes Heather to brighten my day. She calls me to tell me that her doctors have sent a Red Cross message to have her husband redeployed back home. She finds out from the Red Cross that her doctors, who have not told her anything yet, requested that her husband returned because her life is in imminent danger. Yep! Looks like the cancer is back. Oh yeah, and after that conversation, pest control showed up to tell her she must evacuate her home so they can do a termite treatment. She has to evacuate for two weeks, undergo further radiation, and raise her three girls alone until her husband is brought home. Kinda makes my issue with Baker Hughes seem minor, eh?


3 responses to “Life Lessons

  1. Don’t you just HATE it when Life kicks you in the chops like that?
    My prayers go out to you and your friend…
    The candle of love and hope burns in my window…

  2. Hey! how is Heather???
    been thinking about you
    and her!

  3. Hey yourself, Sorrow!
    Heather’s husband is home now and should be out of the military next month. So far, her body is fighting the cancer, so the prognosis is good for now. She seems to be really good at dodging bullets! Thank you for thinking of her- that means a lot to me! HUGS!!!!!

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