Men & Women

I think men exist in a different time period than women. Perhaps we are all only off by a few seconds, but I find the evidence to be overwhelming. Take, for example, a moment out of my evening. As I wait in the car for my husband to pump gasoline, he pops his head in the window and asks, “what was that?”, to which I replied, “I didn’t say anything.” I had not said anything. I then thought of something to ask, did just that, and with his head still in the window he just stared at me blankly as if I had not spoken at all. That moment got me thinking about how many times during the day this situation occurs, and I must say it is quite frequent. Perhaps this is where the communication issue truly lies instead of the accepted theory that women have more words to use in a day than a man. Perhaps men are just a second or two ahead of women in time. Odd.


One response to “Men & Women

  1. Whenever that happens to me, I then begin to question whether I was thinking something with such force of mind that it penetrated my spouses brain and for a brief moment we were in some sort of mind meld…then he goes back to being glaze eyed and I figure he was talking to himself and got confused. 🙂

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