This place

I’ve always been one of those women who does her best to be kind, yet honest, with everyone. I’ve got plenty of good friends, but none of them live in the same city, much less state, that I do. What I’ve found here in my new home, (okay we’ve been here for about nine months), is that no one is really honest here. They are all friendly enough, but when it comes down to it, I am very much not included. I try not to let the “missed” invitations get at me, but after so many, it becomes an emotional burden. I suppose coming from a military town, I have become someone who finds commonality quickly as most military spouses do. It has become evident to me that this is not the case in the civilian world. In fact, the only way I found part time employment was through another former military spouse. So, just to add to the difficulties of leaving my comfort zone and my husband losing his employment, let’s add a good dose of exclusion. Gotta love the South! Oh, and by the way, I am just whining here because I don’t need my DH having this stress added to his world. I apologize for a silly emotional post, so please don’t beat me up for it!


4 responses to “This place

  1. ooooooO
    been there, I call it Southern Saccharine..
    You must simply hunt for transplants like yourself.

  2. So that would be Saccharine laced with Strychnine, right? Yep! That’s Dallas for me! I think I’d rather drink the koolaid than live here!

  3. 4 years,1 week and six days..
    I survived..
    I think..
    but that purple koolaid sure looked good there at the beginning…

  4. You’ll find your tribe, it just takes time. *hugs*

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