A skirt is not just a skirt

askirt.jpgI am looking for a pattern that will allow me to make the skirt above. I want this style with a 17′ to 19″ outseam. I haven’t found what I want online and do not have time to spend an hour in Joann’s in order to find it. So, if anyone has any suggestions, please give me a holler!


4 responses to “A skirt is not just a skirt

  1. Is this just a simple a-line with an elastic waist? or am i missing something?

    I think so as well, but the fabric drapes a bit differently perhaps due to the lycra in it? MHQ told me to buy the skirt and deconstruct it to find my answers. I don’t have $59 to drop on a skirt I will take apart. My mom sent me the basics on how to make one, so I bought the material on Ebay. Once I get it made, I will post up pics so you gals can tell me what you think. ~SG

  2. I’m testing something…so this isn’t a real comment persay…just ignore it! *lol*

  3. You need to update, girlfriend! 🙂 Miss your comments…

  4. You know, I did actually end up making five skirts, of which I do have pictures, but I just haven’t gotten them posted yet. Thank you to all for the advice!

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