Okay I need some parenting help! My 17 month old keeps vomiting only at night. It isn’t at the end of a crying jag or the result of a night terror. We’ve taken him off of formula, and yet, he still vomits. He doesn’t have a fever. He acts perfectly normal. He doesn’t vomit at nap time which is in the exact same bed. What in the world could be the issue?


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  1. My niece did that, it was some kind of reflux. They had to watch what foods she ate after a certain time. I will call my SIL and get you the scoop!

    What confuses me is that this is a new issue. My now five-year-old had refux as a baby but outgrew it in time. However, my husband’s side of the family has some medical condition in which the flap at your windpipe gets stuck. They start to choke from the food getting stuck, so maybe that has something to do with it. Please let me know whatyour SIL thinks. This is getting ridiculous. ~SG

  2. Hi! My daughter just turned 2 and is doing the same thing. My doctor just blew it off, and said it’s a lingering stomach virus, but I think it’s something different… It seems almost every night at 4 or 4:30 she awakes from sleep and cries for a second, and then pukes, and then wants to go back to sleep. She seems ok during the day, no fever… just a little needier than usual. Have you found anything out? Thanks, Kim

  3. Ditto–daughter just turned two, clingy, lower than normal appetite during the day but her food stays down. She gets hungry at night and eats a lot, and most of it comes up. Night only. Any new info?

  4. I’ve got nothing new at all. He no longer pukes, but he does wake up every single night. Is there no end to the madness?? I’ve read it could be a psychological disorder, but it isn’t as if they will offer testing at such an early age. Frustrating, it is.

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