Report Card Update

We spoke with my daughter’s teacher about an hour ago. I suppose she was a bit intimidated, because she had another teacher there with her. The uninvited guest was actually a blessing, however. She imparted much insight as well as wisdom which was much appreciated. The teacher that needs to retire spoke up at the end, when my husband pointed out that our daughter would be better served if the assumption wasn’t that we were trying to attack them. She actually raised her voice at my husband and ignored the fact that I had apologized for writing something she felt was disrespectful. (Back story: We had an incident in which I felt my daughter was treated unfairly. I sent the teacher a note asking for her side of the story. If her story was the same as my daughter’s, then I asked for something to be returned to her. Somehow, this was offensive). My husband waited for me to say my peace in regard to the situation as I felt it was unfair of her to assume I was disrespecting her. I promise, she has not seen disrespect from me…yet. He then pointed out, again, that we need to work as a team. I don’t think any of this got through to the teacher. Thus, we will wait to see if things improve, but I am not holding my breath. At least we know that another of my daughter’s teachers is worthwhile. Maybe the one who needs to retire….will. I still feel that the teacher was wrong, especially on the words on her report card, but it turns out that she is simply an idiot, (one that teachers language-yikes), and that what she meant was quite poorly worded. She meant that my child focuses on herself and has difficulty stepping away from conflict and getting back on task. Wow. That was hard to word, wasn’t it? Yes, my child has issues, as does the teacher. Only 5 more months of school and counting….


4 responses to “Report Card Update

  1. Hello Silly Goose, I’ve been here from time to time. I’m subscribed to you as well. I just caught the whole “has difficulty stepping away from conflict” deal. It sounds to me like your kid doesn’t walk away till the job is done. Something I’d like to see a whole lot more of these days. Yes culturally we are supposed to walk away from everything and ignore it. I don’t know what good that does but there you are. I’m sure there is much more to this but i’m already indignant on your part. I, for one, feel worse if i let something slide that should be addressed. I’m sorry that you must suffer a fool. I gotta go soak my head. Dobry Den.

    Polar~This is interesting. I am on the phone with MHQ and she just stated the same opinion. I find it odd that the school system wants to “dumb down” the leaders in class. My child has a strength that goes beyond their understanding and it is a huge issue. It’s funny because she is one of the most understanding children you would ever meet, and I think all she wants is to understand the injustices. Sadly, the teachers don’t want to deal with that characteristic and would prefer a lemming. I find it interesting that the most intelligent people who have reviewed this situation agree that it is a pathetic example of how the pubic school system is very flawed. If you have any suggestions on how to groom her need to resolve conflict into a bold personality trait, I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you for your support. It’s good to know I am not alone in my indignancy. ~SG

  2. She has trouble not focusing on herself? Has problems stepping away from conflict? Getting back on task? Weird…sounds like you just described every child created! *lol* This teacher needs to do more than retire…she should be removed from the gene pool.

  3. well I guess you could say it was a wash. One good teacher wipes out one bad teacher. GRRRrrrr.
    Yep counting down the days sounds like a plan.

  4. I have to add that I think we may have gotten somewhere, if only a simple baby step. The evil teacher actually gave my daughter a hug yesterday and lightning didn’t strike. Then today, the good teacher gave my daugher a card telling her that she knows that she is trying and that everyone is there to support her. Maybe my fit of tears got the message through in some small way. We’ll continue the countdown and pray that things are better next year.

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