On the report card


On my 9 year old daughter’s report card:

“… It would do her good for you to encourage her sharing and caring and downplay her individuality. Individuality really develops during the teenage years when it is appropriate.”

SAY WHAT?!?!???

Sorry, I don’t raise lemmings. Yes, I will be in the principal’s office tomorrow.

Now we know why she threw away my daughter’s “goth” snowman.


One response to “On the report card

  1. I want the update on this…
    I am so indignant, thats not a Teacher ! NO teacher throws away a snowman!
    I hope you went for the jugular!
    Time to move back to Montana!

    My husband asked me to wait to go to the principal so that we can both go speak with the teacher, AGAIN (sigh), and have full ammo when we hit up the principal. He should be home in a bit, so we’l be able to schedule something for today or tomorrow. It sure is shocking, isn’t it? I think she’s jaded and defensive due to the length of time she’s been teaching. It’s time for a sabatical to clear her head. I agree, it is time to move back to Montana. I wish!!

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