Since I always seem to be in such a gloomy mood or on my soapbox, I thought I’d write a positive post for once. Yesterday, I entered the world of Sephora and found myself in a world of trouble. I’ve passed the shop many times in trips to Northpark and Stonebriar Malls, but until yesterday, I had not set foot inside. Oh the glory that is Sephora! Beware: It is impossible to enter and not leave with quite a bit less in your pocketbook! From facial cleansers to fragrance and cosmetics to hair care, this store is a plethora of all things feminine. Don’t despair guys, they have a few treats inside just for you as well. The staff, known as cast members, is chock full of completely knowlegable and friendly employees. At no point did I feel as though they were trying to sell me the most expensive line in the store, rather they found the products that met my needs and desires. As I was perusing the cosmetics with one cast member, another took my daughter to explore fragrances. At the end of the visit, there was no pressure to buy her a fragrance, (she’s only 9), but instead she was offered a sample vial of her favorite. Yes, you read that correctly, ONE sample instead of the fifteen you would receive from Dillard’s or Macy’s. Those always turn into an experiment of how many fragrances she can combine until I am forced to hold my nose in fear of passing out from the strength of the smell. I’ve saved the best for last, though. If you get home with your purchase and find that it is not all that you expected, you have a full SIXTY days to return or exchange it. Thus, after two weeks of use and dissatisfaction with a skin care product, you can return it. The foundation I purchased is a bit too light when worn all over my face, so I am returning it in exchange for a different shade. It’s that simple! So ladies, if you love your skin and wish to try something new, Sephora is the place to be!


2 responses to “Sephora

  1. Love the name of the store, new an awesomely funky hippie chick whose name was Zephora…wonder if it’s her brain child?!LOL
    Thanks for the wif of fun!

  2. Disney stores call their sales members cast members too…what cast are the Sephora workers a part of? *lol*

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