The Parthenon Code


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4 responses to “The Parthenon Code

  1. okay, so I went to this site, what the hell is this??? is this a joke? I am so confused….Who thinks Judea and Christianity predates the Greeks?

    Apparently, these crazy people do! MHQ pointed out that even if they want to find a connection, then why Athena, not Hera? ~SG

  2. I’m still so confused as to why theres even a need for a connection. Does that mean that all the ancient pagan worshippers that were tortured and killed weren’t really worshipping their ‘old’ gods, but instead the same god as their torturers under a different name? Doesn’t that make the Christians who tortured pagans through the ages, even worse, because they were torturing their peers who couldn’t spell? It all baffles me…all I have to say is they can’t have my Gods…MINE! MINE! MINE! *foot stomp and toddler scowl for emphasis*

    Damn! I think somebody’s got some ‘splaining to do……. GREAT point!

  3. Stomp my foot Too!

  4. We’re not all bad. Alas, the few make the others look bad, and we are always apologizing for them… 😦

    …and people like you are the reason I normally keep my trap shut. Unfortunately, standing in my shoes you’d see that people like you are really the minority in the Christian world. Most persecution is subtle, but it’s there. I am one of those people that try to see the good in everyone and avoid confrontation, thusly, avoiding persecution on a personal level. I really wish that everyone was disinvolved with who believes in what. I don’t try to steal other religion’s rituals and beliefs, so I wish other people would just leave mine alone. I do recognize and admit that there are good Christians out there like you and you are appreciated!

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