What to do….

Last week:

After much husband bashing, I’m told by someone I know that she cheated on her husband. Given the status of their marriage, I wasn’t bothered. I’ll spare you the gory details with the exception of the fact that she met “him” through a friend named Brandi.

Update: Said husband finds text messages from “him” on his wife’s phone. The giveaway was the “good morning sweetie” text. Never a good idea to fail to delete something like that if you wish your affair to remain secret. Couple fight but actually begin to work things out. Of course she lies her ass off to protect herself. She claims “he” is just a friend.


Same person leaves her children with me while she is at work. Same person fails to tell me she got off early and went to her friend’s house instead of coming to get her children OR picking up her husband from work. I pick up the hubby from work. The twenty minute ride home was an effing nightmare. In every form and fashion possible, hubby picked my brain for information on the details of what happened between “him” and his wife. See above. I DO know what happened. When directly asked, I hem and haw around it until finally stating that I don’t know for sure, (blatant lie), and I don’t think she’d cheat, but something seemed off about the story. Hubby asks me to promise to tell him anything I hear, and I agree with the stipulation that I will be telling her that I will be telling him before I actually tell him. It’s only fair. I might get shot or stabbed, but I’m willing to risk it.

So here’s the thing. I’m not very close with the wife in this situation. Yet, what I’ve heard about her husband has left a lot to be desired and then some. However, he seemed like a truly genuine and honest guy tonight. He was teary eyed as he told me why he couldn’t handle her cheating on him. He asked me how to get his relationship back together and if I’d ever had a hard time in my marriage. I didn’t tell him the truth other than that everyone has a tough first few years. I suggested they try to spend more time together and less time out with friends. So, he called her and asked her to go out with him again tonight, (they were out last night), and she has all of these excuses about why she wants to go out with Brandi. WAIT, Brandi? Oh yes, THAT Brandi. At that moment I realized that she’s at Brandi’s with “him”. Well crap. I wonder if she’ll admit that to me….

She does decide to come home so she can spend time with her husband. That was a good choice. I just hate being stuck in the middle and knowing that yet tomorrow, I will spend 20 minutes in the car with the husband. I wonder if he’ll continue to prod and probe my brain. I don’t know that I can not tell him if he asks again. I don’t want to ruin their marriage and yet it doesn’t have anything to do with me. I wish I was a stronger person and could have just told her where to stick it this evening. Oh well there is always another tomorrow….. (sigh) Anyone got a spare bedroom? I’d love to just walk away form this mess. Sadly, these people tend to follow me. (sigh sigh) šŸ™‚


2 responses to “What to do….

  1. SillyG~ I am sitting here waiting on the plane, thats always late..LOL
    I read your post and thought OMG, so sucks to be you. Other peoples Drama is such BS, I have a spare bedroom, and a really comfy couch ( my nephew said so!) and any one who follows you here is in for Dexter the ankle bitter, Hilda the drooling love hound, and Lemmy the very annoyed kitty, We can take em! Bring the kids, I have sleeping bags, they can hunt for gnomes, and eat unpronounceable food. ( from my niece)
    Here’s a (((((HUG)))) maybe they will take a break and leave you the flock alone….

  2. Run…run away from them both…head home or head for Sorrows but run fast darlin’! *l*

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