Missing Boy in Wichita Falls, TX

I received this today and verified it is for real. Please keep the family in your prayers no matter to whom you pray. ~SG

Please keep Jeremy & Charity Jowers in your prayers. Their oldest son Taylor Wiseman has gone missing at Lake Kemp Thursday afternoon. We’re not sure if he has been pickup, or is out somewhere hurt. If you would like to help search, it will resume this morning at daylight, at The Flippen Creek gate on Highway 183/283 on the eastside of Lake Kemp, north of the Dam. Fourwheelers, horses etc. would be appreciated. You never think this will happen to you until it happens to one of your own. Taylor is very special to all of us, and we’d like to get him back home. If you’ve been to one of our gigs before you have probably seen him helping out around stage, or at the merch. booth. He is 12 years old, blonde hair, and weighs about 90 or 100lbs. Thanks for you help. Peace, Under The Influence Band & Families.


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