While at work today, (that sounds so odd because I am a stay at home mom merely helping out my father-in-law with his CPA office), I had an interesting conversation with one of the girls there. She is from New Orleans but moved to Dallas just before Katrina hit. Recently, she and her husband purchased a home in Oak Cliff, which is one of the scarier places to live in the Dallas area. She said they bought their home because it was what they could afford and they longed to own their own home. She hasn’t had any issues there because she has such a positive attitude about life. She firmly believes and lives the motto “live and let live.” Anyway, we were discussing politics and she said to me, “I would never vote for Obama because he hasn’t raised his own money for his campaign. He’s got Oprah to do it for him. I won’t vote for anyone who is supported by her.” Of course I had to ask why a black woman living in the ghetto would dislike Oprah so much, and she answered me. See I didn’t know that Oprah gave New Orleans $1 million dollars to rebuild the city and then promptly cancelled her check because she wasn’t satisfied with what they were doing with her money. This is the woman who spends her money on other countries while we have people living in South Dallas on dirt floors with no running water. This is a woman who hosted a campaign fundraiser for Obama with $1500 tickets. As was pointed out today, just how many homeless people were stepped over in order to get to her party for Obama? Unless there is press involved, she seems to stay out of the picture when she could be changing lives right here.
I found it quite comforting to find such common ground with someone who is so much my opposite. I found it quite interesting that I was most at ease with her than any other person I’ve met here so far. I think it says alot about her and what an amazing person she is and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her.


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