Bah Humbug

There’s nothing that says “happy holidays” like finding out that your significant other will no longer be traveling 95% of the year. “Yipee!”, you’d say until you heard the rest of the story. Gods bless Paul Harvey, but the rest of the story is never as good as he made it out to be. The rest of this story is that my hubby will be traveling 98% of the year with his promotion. Oh goody! Oh yeah! Our children never really wanted a father and I was just kidding when I stood up at that altar, (no the church did not catch fire as you might have expected), and married him. I think I’ll go stick my head in a bucket of egg nog and call it a day. Take that Mr. Scrooge!


2 responses to “Bah Humbug

  1. You need a poor baby!
    A poor baby is when you get the good chocolate
    The vodka and apple cider
    The kids in bed
    The house quiet
    and indulge in libations, chocolate and a good cry.
    poor baby..
    here’s a hug (((sillygeuse)))
    Good thing you love him…right!?!!

    Thanks Sorrow. I need a hug and oh yeah, after hearing why I am upset, he is headed to bed without word one to me. I guess I am correct on where we stand…. So, thank you more than you know for the hug!

  2. That totally sucks. It is very hard doing it all alone, especially knowing that is NOT what you signed on for. I tend to enjoy when my husband is gone, but only because it’s not 95% of the time. I hope you can get some paid help with that extra money!! 🙂

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