The Day After…(brought to mind by Miss Harley Quinn at Wild Hare)…and Global Warming

Work with me here people!

MHQ brought up many points that really got me thinking about the whole issue of abortion. I ,too, would like answers to the questions posed in regard to preparations for basic care, health care, and education for the unwanted babies. Politicians campaigning for president are expousing wonderful plans to reduce taxation, repair social security and revamp the welfare system. However, all of these plans fall apart when Roe v. Wade is overturned. If 1.3 million additional unwanted children are brought to life in this country, we have to have the funding to support them. If roughly half of these children are adopted, we still have 650,00 children to house, clothe, feed, and educate. We have 650,000 children in the welfare system and added to the social security system. The only way to care for these children is to raise taxes. Oops! There goes the promise of lower tax rates.

Now, onto the relevance to global warming, (which I personally find to be a bunch of bunk). If greenhouse gasses are part of the issue with the depletion and CO2 is a greenhouse gas, then adding 1.3 million additional CO2 exhalers to our country EACH YEAR, what effect will that have on the environment? What monies are we now going to invest to protect the environment that we have further destroyed according to global warming theorists? How can any politician believe in global warming and be anti-abortion? How does one reconcile bringing lives into this world that only furthers the destruction of the world? Will we then be reduced to legislation limiting the number of times we may reproduce as they have in China? If global warming is indeed true, then our future may well hinge on the issue of abortion.


2 responses to “The Day After…(brought to mind by Miss Harley Quinn at Wild Hare)…and Global Warming

  1. SG~ It’s really something to think about isn’t it? I get pretty ticked off when i read about Carbon footprints of folks who take private jets around the world, and when folks are trying to do their part and countries like China dump mercury in the Yangtze river and dump more crap into the atmosphere in one day than all of Australia does in 6 months! How come they are not being held accountable?
    I got on a soap box
    great post, great!

    Thanks Sorrow! No worries about stepping up on the soapbox as I seem to have taken up permenant residence here! It’s nice to have company!!!!!

  2. I’m with Sorrow on people with jets and loving the environemnt…I’ll beleive Al Gore when that man actually walks somewhere! *lol*

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