5 Things for ME! (I love that last word LOL)

1. I want a private jet with unlimited and environmentally sound fuel. I would use said jet to transport friends and family to visit one another, but more importantly for the ability to take people in need to the appropriate facility for medical treatment to include worldwide patients.

2. I want the ability to fund to open free pre-school for all children regardless of income status in states that do not have a program at this time.

3. I want to purchase the company which employs my husband and clean house in the OKC office.

4. I would not want to buy a new home, but I would like pay off all of our debt and trade in the minvan for my dream truck.

5. Lastly, I would want to smack most members of our Congress and get it into their silly heads that two things need to happen and make them happen. First, they would immediately work with the Iraqi government to find a system of tribal law that would allow them to continue running their country theocratically but allow all voices to be heard. Second, there would be an immediate end to putting any bills up for vote that included more than one item. Dr. Tom Coburn, Senator from Oklahoma has already begun the process of making this change and has six other Senators standing with him. Some people have called him the stupidest man in Congress, but I have to say, he’s looking a whole lot smarter than the bloody rest of them these days! Maybe he should run for President…


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