ME- the selfish one

I’ve realized that I look at the holidays quite selfishly, but not in the manner you’d expect. Last evening, we wrapped presents for many hours, only a few for our children. I realized that I want credit for the coolest gifts and it is quite hard to not wrap the best ones. Those have to come from the big guy and I will recieve no credit for those gifts. That is really hard to accept even as selfish as it is! So, I am doing my best to work with the anxiety and learn to deal with my selfish side. It was an interesting revelation!


One response to “ME- the selfish one

  1. I’m selfish too…I want to be a kid again and get crap loads of useless presents and toys. Instead, I’ll get the whole ‘its the thought that counts’ gifts I always get and it’ll add up to about 3 packages!

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