Everything is changing.  This was intended to be a light hearted and fun blog, (ie none of my political ramblings), but I have to share this all somehow.  The inital reaction:  Anger.  Anger at him for potentially failing us.  Anger at him for not securing our future and leading us to believe he could handle the civilian world.  Anger at the fact that responsibility for his actions was not taken.  It’s always someone else’s fault.  The world is always out to get him.  Empty promises and agreements left unfulfilled.  How I am supposed to feel at this moment?  As a single parent, I took care of my obligations and only in meeting him, did I agree to share those obligations with anyone.  I assured my daughter and myself a good future and now all of that hard work has ben ripped away and tossed like a piece of paper on the sea.  His ego is bruised and I struggle with adding to that bruising, but as a good friend said, pride doesn’t feed the family.  Every moment I look at one of the children, I get teary eyed.  I am not in a position to attend to their needs as I gave up my future many years ago.  My skills are now limited to things that will not support us.  It takes everything in me not to pack up and leave.  Yet, we’ve recently begun this new life and it isn’t fair to take the perceived security from my children.  I hope they never have to discover how badly their father has failed.


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  1. They’ll be so dazzled by what an amazing mom they have, they’ll never notice his failings.

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