Brownie Scouts

So we had our first Brownie Scout troop meeting this evening.  My co-leader had to bail because her child has strep, which left me as sole adult in charge.  At ten minutes to the beginning of the meeting, I was fortunate to get ahold of another parent who was willing to stay and assist.  We had never met and only emailed until I made that phone call.  Luckily, I chose the right mother to call.  As it turns out, she attended the same high school as my husband and her brother played football the same years.

Throw together five third grade girls who do not know one another, get them to interact with one another and you have created a monster that is not likely to be stopped anytime soon.  So many different personalities but with the same taste in humor can make for one interesting evening.  Be prepared, fart and butt jokes will be the highlight of the evening.  It’s difficult to maintain order when you have giggling girls on your hands. 

It was quite the rewarding experience, but it does require a lot of work  Right now, I’m not certain what it is I’ve gotten myself into!  I definitely need a drink!  Life is grand.  Pass the margaritas.  Double shot  if you please.  Oh and hey G.  The talking stick does wonders!


One response to “Brownie Scouts

  1. missharleyquinn

    Did you get to hit any Brownies with it? *l*

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