Daily Archives: October 29, 2007

ABC day 6 (I cannot say these are “of Me” other than Yep! I wrote it!)

Zany yesteryear.  Xanadu would vascilate, undulate, twirl sporadically.  Remember Queen Pennance openly negotiating men’s little kilts just in her gentle fasciantion?  Elicite details created before absolution.

 Maybe I should be writing in a different genre……. LOL 



I can be vengeful. I can be very vengeful.  The email I received today is beyond anything I would actually do to someone.  I’m certain that this woman has no idea that her personal pictures are being shared across the web with quite ugly commentary attached.  So, I am putting up a pic of just her face so that if anyone recognizes her, she can be contacted.  If  you know her, tell her.   It may be an old email that circulated years ago, but I am not going to be one of those people who continues the humiliation.  Nothing is funny if it is at the expense of someone else.  Nothing.