The ABC’s of Me Day 4

Abundance breeds complacency.

Deference excludes ferocity.

Guile hinders intellect.

Justice kills lawlessness.

Memory neglects options.

Quality renders sophistication.

Trust undermines virtue.

Want xeroxes yearning.


And that’s as far as I can take this one… Suggestions?


2 responses to “The ABC’s of Me Day 4

  1. missharleyquinn

    Your blog and you are…

    A beautiful cacophony.
    Deep, everlasting, fables.
    Generous, hilarious, imaginative…
    juggling, kersnufflish, loverly.
    My never old pfriend.
    Quirky, restless, sumptious…
    teasing, unforgettable, varied.
    Wild, Xanthippe(not really…am running out of X words), zugzwang.

  2. muchas gracias my only friend!

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