I am silly.  I love geese.  I am an artist, a poet, and a friend.  I believe in “ghosts”.  I love a good romance.  I never sleep as much as I should.  I love to be alone.  I hate chipped nail polish.  I love my dogs and just lost one of my cats last night.  I love baseball and tolerate football.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I like bike riding and hiking but do neither nearly enough.  I love cold weather.  I love to dance.  I love to find a quiet beach.  I am a true shopper.  I would love to go a bit more punk with my style, but I live in a conservative world.  I am three-fourths Democrat and one-fourth Republican.  I feel sorry for President Bush.  I hate the Chinese government for what they are doing to their people and to ours.  I am homesick.  I finally have a home for which to be homesick.  I have no biological siblings.  I have a wonderful friend who is my rock (thanks g). I love to sew.  I am pagan.  My college degree is worthless.  I hate milk.  Tickling is torture.  I hate to debate for the sake of debate.  I find Hillary Clinton repulsive.  I love a roaring fire.  I love music of any kind except religious music.  I am eclectic.  I can be shocking but am usually afraid to speak my mind.  I am bossy.  I adore the color red.



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  1. missharleyquinn

    I love it so far…I think H. Clinton is peculiar…scarey, like finding hair in a hotdog peculiar.

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