Like a phoenix rising from the ashes,I return to continue the saga that is my life. If only I could tell all, but alas, some things are better kept to oneself.

All in one week I found out that a baby I knew died from being left in a hot car, a husband I trusted, (not mine), is going to prison for sexual misconduct with his step-daughter, and a family friend will be attending prison with him for sexual misconduct with students (note the plural). Oh the surprises this summer has wrought.

Yet, all is not lost. For John Edwards has been honest, although the relevancy I fail to comprehend. Who cares if he had sex with another consenting adult? As Miss Harley Quinn once said, what ever happened to the days when a stranger was seen bawling at a funeral? Is sex really all that important? Sure, it’s a great moment, but since when did it need to be life altering? Who cares? I sure don’t. It has not impact on my perception of anyone.

On the positive front, I am working in accounting and loving it. How odd? The girl who could never grasp algebra or trig is actuallt capable of making numbers match up as they should. It is truly a gift from the universe. The down side is working for my father in law, whom I love dearly, yet I find it difficult to seperate that from my failing marriage. Oh what to do, what to do. Perhaps the flamingos have it right: I think I will stick my head in the water and hunt for fish. Seems much more appetizing these days.
Love to all who wondered where I’ve been. Hunting fish, I tell you. Hunting fish.


Moments that melt your heart

I am working part time at my son’s gymnastics center for their summer camp program. One of our campers is a nine year old with Asperger’s syndrome. While most of the counselors have a difficult time managing this boy, he and I have no issues communicating and interacting. This evening, I received an email from him just saying hello. I don’t know why, but knowing that our relationship means something to him, means the world to me.

Life Lessons

Just when I think my life is in the can, along comes Heather to brighten my day. She calls me to tell me that her doctors have sent a Red Cross message to have her husband redeployed back home. She finds out from the Red Cross that her doctors, who have not told her anything yet, requested that her husband returned because her life is in imminent danger. Yep! Looks like the cancer is back. Oh yeah, and after that conversation, pest control showed up to tell her she must evacuate her home so they can do a termite treatment. She has to evacuate for two weeks, undergo further radiation, and raise her three girls alone until her husband is brought home. Kinda makes my issue with Baker Hughes seem minor, eh?

Rox in Sox

The little one is Roxy, our newest family member. She is a rescue that has warmed all of our hearts. Today we took on the added responsibility of keeping another dog, (this makes four plus two cats), for a few days, and as much as Roxy annoys my other two canines, they actually stood up for their pack mate when she was having trouble deciding if the visitor was acceptable. It was amazing to watch three dogs work as a pack to not only defend one another, but to defend their alpha as well. Needless to say, with a Boxer, a Lab, a Pit Bull mix, and a Rottweiler, this would not be the house to burglarize this week. Don’t you know I will come home to find body parts strewn across the house tomorrow!

Men & Women

I think men exist in a different time period than women. Perhaps we are all only off by a few seconds, but I find the evidence to be overwhelming. Take, for example, a moment out of my evening. As I wait in the car for my husband to pump gasoline, he pops his head in the window and asks, “what was that?”, to which I replied, “I didn’t say anything.” I had not said anything. I then thought of something to ask, did just that, and with his head still in the window he just stared at me blankly as if I had not spoken at all. That moment got me thinking about how many times during the day this situation occurs, and I must say it is quite frequent. Perhaps this is where the communication issue truly lies instead of the accepted theory that women have more words to use in a day than a man. Perhaps men are just a second or two ahead of women in time. Odd.

This place

I’ve always been one of those women who does her best to be kind, yet honest, with everyone. I’ve got plenty of good friends, but none of them live in the same city, much less state, that I do. What I’ve found here in my new home, (okay we’ve been here for about nine months), is that no one is really honest here. They are all friendly enough, but when it comes down to it, I am very much not included. I try not to let the “missed” invitations get at me, but after so many, it becomes an emotional burden. I suppose coming from a military town, I have become someone who finds commonality quickly as most military spouses do. It has become evident to me that this is not the case in the civilian world. In fact, the only way I found part time employment was through another former military spouse. So, just to add to the difficulties of leaving my comfort zone and my husband losing his employment, let’s add a good dose of exclusion. Gotta love the South! Oh, and by the way, I am just whining here because I don’t need my DH having this stress added to his world. I apologize for a silly emotional post, so please don’t beat me up for it!

Life Update

Just when you think everything is going fine, the universe drops an atom bomb on your life. I disappeared for a while because everything went haywire and it has taken a bit to put the pieces of life back together. The good news is that my husband is home and our relationship is definitely on the upswing. I prayed for a change, and I got my wish answered, albeit differently than expected. He was terminated from Baker Hughes Inteq based on lies and false accusations by his direct supervisor. He’s always had a tenuous relationship with the man, and unfortunately, he was able to build a house of cards that led to his ability to terminate my husband. Hopefully, justice will be served and the house of cards will fall at his feet. We’ve taken steps to ensure an investigation is done through the company’s ethics hotline, (odd that I found out about it online and not through any paperwork that my husband was supposed to have received when hired), and we’ve filed a wage claim with the state in order to collect a large sum of unpaid wages. On top of that, my daughter was the target of a bully at school, and her softball coach decided to degrade the team and specifically target one of her teammates. Thankfully, her principal took immediate action upon my notification, and the situation was corrected. Her softball coach underwent a “trial” and has been replaced by a wonderful mom who stepped up to help. My husband has decided to go into insurance sales and has passed the first two exams with flying colors. His father has offered to share office space and will abosrb the cost until we are prepared to take financial responsibilty for our part. I’ve undergone just about every emotion possible, but I am stable now and able to communicate and create again. I’ve taken on a part time teaching position at my middle child’s preschool, and I’ve found that I truly enjoy teaching. It is amazing how preschoolers can warm your heart and show you that every challenge can be conquered. When life hands you lemons, a preschooler can make you a gallon of lemonade with just a simple “tank you, tea-sure.”